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East London JKA

We spoke with Carlos from East London JKA to find out more about the local Karate club.


What is East London JKA?

East London JKA is a traditional Shotokan Karate Club affiliated to the Japan Karate Association England.

What does it involve?

Students are expected to train regularly, take grading when ready, be available to form part of the club squad for competitions (Interclub, National and International) and additionally attend club and association courses whenever possible.

How does the sport improve health and wellbeing?

Karate for Students is not only fun, it provides many important benefits to everyone. Some of these benefits are referred to in Japanese as Chiiku (mental development), Tokuiko (moral development) and Taiiku (physical development).

In terms of Chiiku (mental development), Karate helps build concentration, focus, clear thinking and decisiveness.

Karate has strong internal benefits as well. It helps instil patience, discipline, perseverance, understanding and open-mindedness. It builds confidence, develops self-control and increases calmness, courtesy and peace – all of which will aid everyone in every endeavour they undertake in life. These correspond to Tokuiko (moral development).

Of course Karate is good for the body too. Physically it is excellent for the heart too, it builds strong bones and bigger muscles, creates resilience, and makes the body less susceptible to sickness and injury.

Who can join?

Anyone from six years upwards.

What level of fitness do you need?

It does not matter as the training will improve your fitness. However, any pre-existing medical conditions should be disclosed.

Where are you based in Barking and Dagenham?

Robert Clack School Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Gosfield Road, RM8 1DN

How many Barking and Dagenham residents attend your club?

At the moment we have 30 students from the borough.

Do you have a success story on a resident you could share with us?

One of our students started on one of our summer camps that we ran in 2010 in conjunction with Barking and Dagenham Council. Aaron Storey started with us a complete beginner and has since became a JKA England Squad member and is currently an Instructor for the Club and recently passed his examination.

Where can people sign up?

You call us at 020 8599 7014 or email and we will get back to you and refer you to a lesson.


For more information visit the East London JKA website.