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We understand it can be hard for parents to find things to keep the family busy and entertained during the school holidays, so this February half term we have a large variety of different activities to take part in.

These activities are free of charge for any young person that lives and / or goes to school in Barking & Dagenham.  To attend these activities please complete an application form. As space is limited, we ask parents only apply for the activities they know their children can definitely attend.

The list of activities can be seen below:

Activity: Athletics – Be Fit Today Track Academy – CAMP FULL


Activity: Street Dance – Far from the Norm

The Street dance workshops will involve the young people learning a variety of street dance styles from professionals in the industry.  There are a number of street dance styles and we will cover as many as possible.

They will gain a lot of knowledge as well as having fun at the same time. Also, they will meet new friends, gain confidence and learn how to work as a team and how to create their own choreography.

Venue: Kingsley Hall, Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham RM9 5NB

Time: 11am to 4pm

Age group: 8 to 17 years

Dates: Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 February 2019

Activity: Multi Sports – Premier Sports

The camp covers a wide range of sports including team games and racket sports. The programme is accessible across all ages between 5 and 11 years and all abilities. It ensures children have fun with friends, at the same time learning the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. The programme helps children improve their communication skills, build their self-confidence and develop valuable social skills.

Venue: Manor Junior School, Sandringham Road, Barking IG11 9AG

Time: 10am to 2pm

Age group: 5 to 11 years

Dates: Monday 18 to Thursday 21 February 2019

Activity: Cooking Workshops – Grains of Knowledge – CAMP FULL

Activity: Netball camp – Everyone Active and Mavericks Netball Club

Everyone Active has teamed up with top Vitality Netball Super league club, Benecos Mavericks, with the aim of getting more girls and women participating in physical activity.  The day is broken into different netball related activities allowing participants to gain a basic understanding of the sport, learn new skills and work as a team.  Fundamental skills will be followed including throwing and catching whilst learning how to defend and attack effectively in game situations.

The day will end with a friendly match so participants can feel what its like to play a game.

Venue: Becontree Heath Leisure Centre, Althorne Way, Dagenham RM10 8FH

Time: 10am to 3pm

Age group: 8 to 14 years

Dates: Tuesday 19 February 2019

Activity: Rugby camp

Description: We will educate all participants in what and how to promote a healthy lifestyle. We will be using rugby core skills, fitness as a base and adapting these into fun related games. Every morning we will be doing a wake up and shake session that will start the day in the best possible way.

We will work and promote rugby’s core values Teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, respect, enjoyment and try and get the participants to understand how they can use and promote these values in everyday life.

Venue: Dagenham Rugby Club, The Pavilion, Central Park, Dagenham, RM10 7EJ

Age: 5 to 14 years

Dates: Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 February 2019

Time: 9.30am to 3pm

Activity: Exercise 2 Music – Finesse Sports

Exercise2music combines a range of fun fitness classes for children to experience.

With a combination of dance, games and peer performance, children will enhance their balance and coordination skills as well as expressing their inner creativity. Children will also learn leadership, respect, teamwork and confidence through these sessions.

Kids Cardio Kickboxing – Join us for the next level in Kids Kickboxing.

The kick boxing sessions will teach children self-defence, self-confidence, and discipline in a fun and safe environment. Kickboxing will improve their flexibility, coordination, strength and concentration. They will learn boxing choreography as well as work on a boxing bag.

Cardio, Circuit, Obstacles, Fun (CCOF)

CCOF is a unique way for children to learn team building exercises and skills. Through obstacle courses, mini circuit training, and all kinds of games, there will be a little something for everyone. Kids will build self-confidence and endurance.

Venue: Castle Green Leisure Centre (Jo Richardson School), Gale Street, Dagenham RN9 4UN

Age: 8 to 17 years

Dates: Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 February 2019

Time: 10am to 2pm

Activity: Cooking – Kinder Kitchen

We will use a variety of ingredients that regularly end up getting thrown away including bread, green vegetables, bananas and milk

Through a mix of theory but mostly practical sessions we will tackle key food waste issues and discuss ways of reducing food waste locally and on a wider level and how small contributions can help

We will make a wide mix of recipes that are healthy, tasty and affordable

The children will leave the days sessions well informed, inspired and fed.  They will also leave with a number of recipes that they can replicate at home with their family and friends

Venue: Jim Peters Stadium, Lodge Avenue, Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham, RM8 2JR

Time: 10am to 3pm

Age group: 5 to 17 years

Date:     Thursday 21 February 2019 (5 to 7 years)

Friday 22 February 2019 (8 to 17 years)

Activity: Multi Sports – First Kicks

The multi sports holiday camp will encourage children to take part in a number of different sporting activities throughout the week. This will include attendance from a street dance coach who will teach the participants different routines during the week for a performance that will be shown to parents/carers on the last day of the camp. Our aim is to encourage confidence and help children build on their basic skills of running, jumping, throwing and co-ordination. These key skills will be incorporated over the week in a number of different multi-sport games.

Venue: Jim Peters Stadium, Lodge Avenue, Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham RM8 2JR

Time: 9am to 3.30pm

Age group: 5 to 17 years

Date: Thursday 21 to Friday 22 February 2019