Children and young people eat healthy programmes


HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young) is for parents and young children aged 0 to 5 who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone is welcome and the only criteria is having a child within the eligible age range.

The programme covers a range of topics including nutrition, physical activity, and parenting skills. All taught by our friendly and supportive team.

The course takes place for 2.5 hours a week and runs for 9 weeks.

A creche is provided for children. But children attending this programme must be accompanied by an adult.

The results we have received so far have been fantastic – at the end of the last programme:

  • 100% of parents rated their family lifestyle 7 or higher (compared to just 38% at the beginning of the programme); and
  • the amount of children eating five-a-day doubled.


Location Day Time Start dates End date
Barking Learning Centre Monday 9.30 -12pm 1st Oct 3rd Dec
Chadwell Heath CC Wednesday 10.30 – 1pm 3rd Oct 5th Dec
Sue Bramley CC Thursday 9.30 -12pm 20th Sept 22nd Nov

*all programmes have a week break during school half term w/c 22nd October.


To sign up to the programme complete the online form or call the Healthy Lifestyles team on 020 8724 8018.


Good news stories

Four mums share their experiences of HENRY below:

“Hearing from other mums about the different things they are doing or trying was really insightful… I learnt that my idea of portions wasn’t correct, so now his portion sizes have reduced and there’s more variety. I was giving him healthy food but I realised it wasn’t balanced, so now there are different things on his plate… I would encourage others to attend because it is nine weeks of being nurtured as a mum, individually and together with your child, and with your extended family who don’t attend but benefit from the programme. You share experiences and you form bonds with parents which is important as it can be a bit isolating as a mum.” – Naomi


“The programme was amazing, I believe we were a family that needed the intervention to learn about healthier options and this has given me the knowledge to pass onto my children and husband and the rest of my family… It has made me try different foods that I wouldn’t have tried before and the children are benefiting from it because meals are now more exciting… I loved the venue because it is a public venue that we use a lot and so it is a place we feel comfortable in. The members of staff are absolutely amazing and I didn’t feel judged because everybody was here for the same reason… I would recommend the programme to anyone who has children because it teaches you things you thought you already knew, and if it can bring me and my family closer together it can bring any family closer together.’ – Amy


“I enjoyed the group work because the different parents have different parenting skills and we can learn from each other… I have learnt from the HENRY course to give [my child] options, not letting him control but giving him options and it is really working… It is only little changes that you need in your life that makes a difference.’ – Shazna


“The best part was to meet in the group and discuss what else you can do and share ideas with other mums… I learnt about the labelling on food, when I go shopping I want to do it quickly, so I don’t look at the labelling, but now I will do more research on it.” – Jolanta