Local sport clubs for children and young people

BeFitToday is a health and fitness organisation started by TJ Ossai in 2008.

TJ is a nine time World Masters Champion in Athletics representing Great Britain.

BeFitToday’s ethos is that EVERYONE needs to be fit and healthy, whether you are young, old, able or with a disability.

The organisation provides a variety of activities to help you be healthy, including personal training, sports specific training, exercise for disability and nutritional support.

They run an athletics club called Be Fit Today Track Academy (BFTTA), based at Mayesbrook park, for children age six to adult age.

BeFitToday’s sessions are inclusive and accessible to all. Its coaches are usually athletes or former athletes who have a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering athletics.

During school half terms, BeFitToday holds athletics camps at Jim Peters Stadium in Mayesbrook Park as a part of our School’s Out Get Active programme.

The camps are FREE to local children and young people aged six to 17 years.

Children should take part in these camps because they are a lot of fun with practical games and athletics activities including running, hurdling, jumping and throwing.


BeFitToday’s main club runs at Jim Peters Stadium on Mondays and Thursdays from 5.30pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10.30am to 12pm.


Check out BeFitToday on their social media:

Instagram: @bftta

Twitter: @bftta

Facebook: Be Fit Today Track Academy