Advice to quit

Advice to help you stop Smoking

Make your home completely smoke free

Smoking inside can cause some of the fumes to become trapped inside your furnishings. So then when you sit on the sofa, you will be breathing in the Carbon Monoxide and ash. This is called third-hand smoking.

So, ban smoking inside, give your home a spring clean and by getting rid of the lingering smell, you may find you don’t think about having that cigarette quite as often.

Make your vehicle completely smoke free

You can have third-hand smoking in your car, even if you smoke with the window down, the fumes can still get into furnishings, like the seats.

ban smoking in the car – it’s illegal if you have someone under 18 with you anyway, and carries a £50 fine, so why not just make this a permanent rule.

Rearrange your smoking triggers

Do you

  • keep your ashtray on the coffee table?
  • Are your cigarettes always in your pocket?
  • Do you keep your lighter and cigarettes together?

If so, move them.

By changing your routine, it is making you think about when you smoke, rather than it being a force of habit.

Change your drink

Studies have found that drinks with caffeine and alcohol in them make cigarettes taste better,  So try switching to juice and water and see if you can taste the difference.

Plus, if you always have the same drink when you are smoking, then a change of drink may again help to break the habit.

Change your diet

Some foods, like meat, make cigarettes more satisfying. While cheese, fruit and vegetables make them taste awful. So, switch the bacon burger for a veggie pizza and taste the difference.

And remember, this change isn’t permanent – it’s while you are trying to break the habit. Once your craving and triggers for cigarettes have gone you can order that bacon burger again without the urge to smoke after your meal!

You are 4 times more likely to quit with specialist support. To find out more about our stop smoking service, simply register your interest using the contact us form
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